Inventory of the working hours involved in Open Call projects.

The Flemish Government Architect wants to draw attention to the fair remuneration of design and design research.

The Team Vlaams Bouwmeester wants to stimulate the fair remuneration of competition designs. After all, these are an integral part of the creative production of a design team, they concern the core business of the architect. Because there is as yet no research into the time that a design team spends on submitting quotations, an average percentage is currently used, based on the share of the remuneration for a sketch design in the total fee for an architectural assignment.

The Flemish Government Architect's Team wishes to provide more insight into the time allocation of design teams for competition designs. For this reason, it is starting with an inventory of the working hours in Open Call projects. On the website of Team Vlaams Bouwmeester, a form is available to fill in the working time. This form has deliberately been kept very limited. In addition to the project number in Open Oproep, we also ask for the time spent on architecture, stability and techniques. All other work time can be added up and entered under 'other'. The time spent is that of the entire design team, including any partners within the temporary association or consultancies. Finally, we also ask about the remuneration paid by the client.

You can mention the name of the design team or temporary association but this is not necessary. In any case, the information will be processed anonymously and the agency name will never be used in any public reports.

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Expertise of team / the firm(s) as part of the temporary association