Open Call 45 online View the projects and the selection guidelines and apply before 24 February 2023 at 11 a.m.

Open Call 45 has been published. You can apply for three new projects. The application period runs until February 24 2022 at 11 a.m. The first selections will be announced in april 2022. From now on you will find all information about the minimum requirements, the selection criteria, the documents to be submitted and the content of the portfolio per project in a selection guideline. Please take this into account when submitting your application. 

As always, you can view the projects online and download the project bundle.

In addition to the selection and award criteria, the selection guidelines also contain, among other things, the conditions for applying for a project. For example, for each project, the guidelines set out the minimum requirements for the project team, what conditions the three reference projects must meet and what supporting documents must be added to the portfolio. This means that, unlike in the past, the composition of the portfolio you submit must meet specific requirements per project.

We continue to support the commissioning authority in formulating the project definition in the belief that a sharply formulated question stimulates the creativity of the answer. In addition, by means of the Open Call procedure, we want to offer the commissioning authority the opportunity to choose from a wide range of tenders. Lastly, we want to keep the Open Call accessible. Applying for a government commission must remain simple and must also be possible for candidates without an extensive portfolio. Through the Open Call, we want to continue to give young designers the opportunity to realize their first government commission. The international success of our young generations of designers shows that both commissioning authorities and designers reap the benefits of this approach.

Flemish Government Architect Erik Wieërs and his team wish everyone the best of luck with their application!


Procedure Open Call

The new Public Procurement Act gave rise to a renewed Open Call procedure. This means, among other things, a European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) is required for the submission of tenders. Read more

How do I apply for Open Call?

Applications can be submitted via this website You will go through the following steps:

1. Login

Go to the website and from the Tools > Open Call > Designers page go to the login page. Here you can log in if you already have an account or you can register your desk.

2. Complete your data

Before you can apply for projects within Open Call, we need the following information:

  • Your office details and company number
  • A European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) (more information about the ESPD)
  • The necessary documents concerning the financial situation, skills and suitability of companies for a public procurement procedure (only for agencies not established in Belgium).

3. Indicate your preferred projects

You can then select the projects for which you wish to apply.

4. Select the type of enrolment: agency or temporary association

The selection of an already existing temporary association or the creation of a new temporary association takes place after the designation of your preferred project(s).

Make sure that your partners in the temporary association already have an account with the Flemish Government Architect and that they have completed their profile.

If you want to create a new temporary association and your partner agency does not appear in the list, it is possible that this agency is already a candidate for the project (or that the agency has not yet completed its profile). In order to avoid double entries, the system hides teams that have already designated the same project as a preferred project. In this case, it is advisable to contact your partner agency.

5. Enter your 'motivation text 'general design expertise'', 'intention to cooperate' and reference projects (with the motivation of relevance)

For each project, you enter your initial analysis, ambitions and possible intentions for cooperation. More information about the intention to cooperate and the difference with a temporary association can be found in the manual (under point 6).

6. Upload your portfolio

All information on content and number of portfolios is included in the selection guide per project. You can find the selection guide on the online project sheet.

7. Confirm your applications

You have to confirm your applications per registration form. Your and your partners in any temporary associations will receive a confirmation email of the application.

Additional information

On our website you can find an extensive manual for the application. If you have any questions for which you cannot find the answer, please contact us via the following channels:

E-mail :
Telephone : +32 490 58 73 38