Registering your firm

On this page you can register so that you gain access to ‘My Open Call’. You only need to do this if you want to enrol for the Open Call procedure. This registration enables the Vlaams Bouwmeester’s team to make an account for you on the basis of the latest correct details. You only have to register once, after which you can enrol for the Open Call as often as you like. You can change your details at any time afterwards in ‘My Open Call’.

For a temporary association

Even if you want to enrol as part of a temporary partnership your firm itself must still be registered. You can form your temporary partnership later, during the enrolment procedure, and submit an enrolment for this temporary partnership (if the other partner(s) have also been through the registration process). So it is not necessary to register a temporary partnership via this page. After your registration you will receive a login and password that you can use to log into ‘My Open Call’.


Note: this can't be changed later on

For example: BE0999999999, NL999999999B99, ESX9999999X, ...