The candidates for the projects in Open Call 36 are known 499 applications for 9 projects

On Sunday 26 August, the deadline for submitting applications for Open Call 36 expired. The candidates for the different projects are now known. The lists and the timing of the projects (if allready known) can be consulted in the various project sheets.

The Government of Flanders Architect Team received a total of 499 applications for 9 projects. 300 applications were submitted by a bureau, 199 by a temporary association. The project for the Ghent Design Museum, with 96 applications, stood out the most.

In the next step, the contracting authorities will select the teams that will be asked to submit an offer. They will make this selection in consultation with the Government of Flanders Architect. The time frame of the selection procedure depends on the time frame of the various contracting authorities, the state of play of the project dossier and the project definition. You can consult the time frame of the various projects in the project sheets.

The Government of Flanders Architect Team wishes to thank all the candidates for their applications and for placing their trust in the Open Call.

Open Oproep 36

Projects overview


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